Floyd’s 99 Barbershop has changed it’s name to Frank’s 66 Barber Club



Meet Joshua, the hair maestro with a journey as diverse as a tropical coral reef! In the early chapters of life, I found my way into the world of hair by casually trimming locks for friends and family in my early 20s. Little did I know, this scissor-wielding pastime was the first strand in the tapestry of my true passion.

My adventurous spirit then led me underwater as a qualified service technician for Scubapro Africa, exploring the depths of the ocean while fixing and fine-tuning scuba gear. Talk about a deep dive into the unexpected! Following the underwater escapades, I surfaced in the internet field, navigating the digital waves with tech savvy.

But life had a different hairstyle in mind for me. In a bold move, I decided to heed the call of my shears and enrolled in the Sorbet Barbers Academy. Graduating in 2022, I emerged with not just a certificate but a newfound dedication to my lifelong passion – hairstyling.

I’m not just your average barber; I’m a connoisseur of customer service, committed to delivering an experience that leaves you feeling as fresh as a newly trimmed fade. Specializing in the art of fading and razor work, I’m here to sculpt and style, one cut at a time. So, come on over to my chair, where every snip is a stroke of artistic flair!