Our Story

Zappa, Beard, Bello, Infante, Turner – what do they have in common? The name Frank. Through the ages, these musicians have made the name iconic in the Rock n Roll genre. As for 66 – well, it’s the Mother Road, it’s in the lyrics from artists such as Depeche Mode, it was the year ‘Paint it Black’ from The Rolling Stones topped the charts, and the last year that 7-inch singles outsold 12-inch LPs. For Rock n Roll, it signalled an era of revolution. In this same revolutionary spirit – we’re forging ahead in our journey to define a new generation of rock aesthetic with the relaunch of our Barber Club. As slick as we are punk, as urban as we are grunge. We invite you to find your look with one of our professional stylists. If you’re a non-conformist at heart, Frank’s 66 Barber Club is a place for you to walk in, and rock out.

This is what we do, and we do it with style!