Dilan’s passion for hair developed late in his life, at the age of 18. He wanted to pursue a career in ICT however through close friends he realized that he had a interest in hairstyling. Dilan studied and qualified as a Stylist through Carlton Hair and L’Oréal Paris. His passion and strength lays in cutting hair and creating a unique look through geometrical shapes. He is also a colour/camo expert. Dilan enjoys the combination of cutting/styling hair and offering a Barber service to clients. Being with the salon for almost 10 years, he has built a comprehensive client base ranging from 2 year old kids (doing their “first cut”) to 80 year old devoted clients.

Dilan has an unique skill in that every client leaving his workstation will have a service (cutting, beard work, colour/camo, etc.) that will be done to absolute perfection. Dilan lives his motto in life which is “when in my hands, you relax knowing that you will never be unsatisfied”. He invites new clients to judge his magic.


Sinkie moved to Johannesburg in 2003 from a small village near Mokopone in Limpopo.  He found employment in a barber shop the following year as a shop assistant. He then decided that 2005 would be HIS year and he started his barbering career. Between 2006 and 2007 he developed his skill, invested in his passion and received his qualification. He joined Frank’s in 2013, bringing with him dedication and great knowledge.  He is skilled and professional.  Sinkie specialises in men’s cuts, beard grooming, threading and face shaves. He is the quiet one at Frank’s with the most brilliant smile, passion and personality.


Fifi, born in Botswana always had a big heart for loving and caring for people around her. As a child her dream was to become a preacher but had no idea that she would end up as a preacher of beauty. She qualified as a stylist 30 years ago through Soft & Easy Academy in 1986. She also completed numerous courses with Black Like Me over the years. Fifi is a ferocious Barber, however she has a very special and soft place for styling children’s hair to such an extent that she finds it therapeutic herself. She has been part of the business for 12 years and is one of the longest standing Stylists. Fifi has an incredible client base and her clients refuse to go to any other Stylist. When she was out of action for a few months her clients simply did not go to another Stylist.


Marleen has been in Hairdressing for 35 years. She did her training at Carlton Hair Academy. She qualified and moved to Mauritius to practice her skills in Styling. After 3 years she returned to SA and practice her skills at Mai Lai Hairdressing Studio. In 2009 she joined Franks/Floyds as a Stylist. After 6 years of experience with us, she immigrated to the United Kingdom and continued living her Hair Styling dream in London. After 3 years in the UK she missed  home for a 2nd time, and moved back to Durban where she applied her trade and trained Younger Stylists.  We contacted her and convinced her to rejoin the Frank’s Barber Club family. She comes with incredible Local and International experience.

Marleen is the Thinker in our Team and understand the finer detail of Colour and Styling. Many of her Old Franks/Floyds clients are ecstatic that she is back. She invites you to come join her and experience what “a Thinker with an obsession for finer details”  can do.


She is known to all as “Pat” whom studied and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Tourism. Post her Diploma Pat had a part time job as an Operator at Carlton Hair. She instantly fell in love with hair dressing and styling. She then approached Jeauval and obtained a bursary to study Hair dressing. Once she qualified she remained with Jeauval for many years.

She moved to Frank’s 66 Barber Club in 2016 and feels that she found her home with us. Over the past 4 years she never stopped upgrading her knowledge of styling, colouring and being a sought after Barber. Pat gets pleasure from doing funky haircuts and colours. She has an impressive clientele that’s been with her for over the past 4 years. If you want to look fabulous then enter Pat’s workstation.


Aston didn’t like the way Barbers used to cut his hair and  as a kid he decided to take the matters into his own hands. It took a lot of “flops” and “Wacky” hair  days but eventually he got it right and started cutting the boys in his school for R50. Aston is outstanding on Patterns and Hair Art and although he is the youngest team member, he has already build a significant client base.


He is a very gifted but grounded young man. He invites you to experience that “Wow” factor in his workstation.


Meet Joshua, the hair maestro with a journey as diverse as a tropical coral reef! In the early chapters of life, I found my way into the world of hair by casually trimming locks for friends and family in my early 20s. Little did I know, this scissor-wielding pastime was the first strand in the tapestry of my true passion.

My adventurous spirit then led me underwater as a qualified service technician for Scubapro Africa, exploring the depths of the ocean while fixing and fine-tuning scuba gear. Talk about a deep dive into the unexpected! Following the underwater escapades, I surfaced in the internet field, navigating the digital waves with tech savvy.

But life had a different hairstyle in mind for me. In a bold move, I decided to heed the call of my shears and enrolled in the Sorbet Barbers Academy. Graduating in 2022, I emerged with not just a certificate but a newfound dedication to my lifelong passion – hairstyling.

I’m not just your average barber; I’m a connoisseur of customer service, committed to delivering an experience that leaves you feeling as fresh as a newly trimmed fade. Specializing in the art of fading and razor work, I’m here to sculpt and style, one cut at a time. So, come on over to my chair, where every snip is a stroke of artistic flair!



Say hello to Gabby, the aspiring Apprentice who’s weaving her way into the future of the beauty industry! Currently immersed in the world of studies, Gabby is on a mission to become a trendsetter and a game-changer in hairstyling.

Her journey began back in her school days, where the canvas of creativity unfolded. Inspired by her artistic passion, she found her calling in the vibrant and ever-evolving world of hairstyling. What sets Gabby apart is not just her skill with scissors and combs but the quirky persona she infuses into her craft.

For Gabby, the beauty industry is more than just cuts and colors – it’s a canvas for self-expression. The artistic flair of hairstyling perfectly mirrors her own eccentricity, making every haircut an extension of her personality. With a dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional, Gabby is on the path to redefine style and leave a lasting impression on the industry.

Watch out for this rising star – Gabby is not just studying to be a stylist; she’s studying to be the future of style itself!