Gun Wax Beard Balm Natural




For the bearded FOLK!!

The guys over at Gun Wax make the most awesome beard balm on this planet.

Beard Balm is a super hybrid of beard oil and beard wax. It has all the essential oils of beard oil that condition and revive your beard into a handsome and healthy part of your face but also provides the styling hold of beard wax.

For most people, it’s more fitting as well as economical to just purchase a 50 – 60g beard balm to get both the benefits of beard oil and beard wax all in one rocking tin.

It’s absolutely great for beards shorter than 1cm as well as your beastly mane!

GUNWAX Beard Balm is available in two rocking fragrances:
Fresh Lemon grass and Musky Neroli oil.

Organic Ingredients and Alcohol Free

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